Thursday, October 28, 2010

What We Know About Granny

Our search for Mary Fitzgibbons begins with what we have been told by family.  Mary was born on December 22, 1865, and died February 10, 1928.  She died in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  She was married to Peter Francis Stuck.  We also know their children's names and birthdays which will be added later.

Not much to go on so far.  A quick search on (free) and (subscription) finds an index for an Indiana Marriage Collection that tells us that Mary Fitzgibbons and Peter F. Stuck were married in Marion County, Indiana, on June 1, 1893.  Peter was 22 and Mary was 27 when married.  This source also tells us their parents names.  We now know that Peter was the son of Peter F. Stuck and Jennie Fletcher.  Mary was the daughter of William Fitzgibbons and Mary Marrich.  There is some question about the spelling of the maiden name of Mary's mom so that will require more research later.  This will need to be verified by finding the original marriage record but the indexes available online are a wonderful resource for gathering information.

At this point, I have decided that a road trip to Indianapolis is needed for two reasons.  First, my grandmother lives there and she is the oldest living descendant in this family line so we need to get as much first hand information from her as possible.  Second, this is where the family centered so most if not all records are going to be found there.

If you are looking for Mary Fitzgibbons Stuck or have more information about her family or Peter's family, please contact us, we would love to compare notes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Searching for Grandma Stuck

This blog has been established to journal the search to find missing grandmothers in our family tree.  The quest began with the request of my grandmother to locate her Grandma Stuck (paternal grandmother) and any information about her.  She was only five years old when her grandma died and Grandpa Stuck died well before she was born.  Her father never really talked about his parents so she never had a chance to know who they were.

So, this is the beginning of the story about the search to help my 88 year old grandmother find Mary Fitzgibbons Stuck, her paternal grandmother.

As the search progresses, we will be searching for missing grannies from our other family lines.  Oh, and we plan to find gramps while we are at it.  Hopefully, we will make some new connections and find some old connections along the way.  Who knows, we may find one of your grannies too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finding Granny

This blog is dedicated to my Granny whom I am helping to locate her Granny.